JB CAD Services has expertise in
preparing documentation
for golf course construction

Our high quality construction docomentation saves time and money. Minimize construction errors, spend less time on site directing machine operators and shapers and reach your intended result acurately and economically.

Routing Plan
Commonly called a ‘mud map’ indicating critical areas of the golf course, proposed traffic flow, residential, clubhouse and facilities components.

Clearing Plan
Indicates natural site vegetation to be cleared for each golf hole corridor and staking for playline turning points.

Bulk Earthworks
Showing the golf course strategy and details of the excavation and dirt moving required to develop the golf course. Indicates contouring for design surface earthworks in 0.5m elevation increments, re-insertion of detailed greens contours and preparation of contouring for surface model creation.

Cut / Fill Plans
Plan indicating spread of cut volume and fill volume for entire site or sub-site parcels. NOTE: Cut / Fill Plans can only be ordered in addition to the Bulk Earthworks.

Drainage Plan
Plan indicating drainage layout, pipe sizing and lengths.

Grassing Plan
Indicating the areas to be grassed and the types of grasses to be used for each area, fairway widths for mowing and maintenance, cart path routing and the general landscaping scheme including areas to be returned to natural flora.

Green Site Details
Includes construction details of the golf course greens including guarding bunkers, fine detail contouring of 0.25m increments and a 3D wireframe mesh image viewed from the approach shot to the green. JB CAD Services will furnish specifications for greens soil mix as recommended by the United States Golf Association.

Fairway Bunker Details
Fairway bunkers indicating contouring to bunker, drainage lines and 3D wireframe mesh.

Tee Details
Construction details indicating contouring fine detail of 0.25m increments for Tee site shape and 3D wireframe mesh image.

Standard Details
A4 size detailed specifications and plans for repetitive items such as flushing points, trenching detail, bunkers, bunker edge treatments, cart paths, bridges, and other details as required. JB CAD Services will furnish specifications for bunker sand as recommended by the United States Golf Association.

Cross Sections
Construction details indicating cross section tables for each hole playline from the tee to the green in 20m increments and where possible 50m either side of playline extending to clearing line. Includes design surface, natural surface elevations, and depth of cut or fill at each point. NOTE: Cross Sections can only be ordered in addition to the Bulk Earthworks.

Additional Plans offered by specific project quote

Watershed diagram
Iindicates flow of water relative to design and natural surface contours.

Slope analysis
Indicates percent slope in required areas.

Landscaping Plan
This plan includes the landscaping for the golf course as well as the entrance areas to the different elements of the overall Masterplan.

Irrigation Plan
Indicates layout of irrigation pipe.

Our construction plans are created from your approved AutoCAD files, to meet your specified measurement and scale.

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